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vCAC 6.0 Installation Gotcha

For any of you out there planning on installing the IaaS components of vCAC 6.0 onto a Windows Server 2012 machine, there's a small gotcha that will keep you from installing. In Windows 2012, they have .Net in the operating system as a component so that you don't have to install it separately, but the version they give you is 4.5.1.

vCAC IaaS component won't install... I mean it won't even start to install. There will be no error given on the screen, but when you go into the Windows Application event log, you'll see an error referencing .Net.

How to Fix it, or Prepare in Advance:
1. Check your windows installed patches for patch #2881468
2. If that patch exists, uninstall the patch
3. Reboot the Windows server

Huge thanks goes to Jeff Baylor and Sky Cooper at VMware Professional Services for finding the issue, discovering the fix, and sending it on to me to post here.