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Installing Distributed Execution Manager (v5.1) - Orchestrator

Installing the Orchestrator DEM will be almost exactly the same steps that you took when installing the Worker DEM

Install DEM Worker

Run the vCloud Automation Center DEM Setup Wizard

1. Right-click the installer (DCAC-Dem-Setup.exe) and select “Run as Administrator…”
2. Click Next to begin the install

 Run the DEM Installer

Enter DEM configuration information

3. The DEM Instance Name is a unique and should reflect the role so it is easily identified.
4. Select “Worker Role”
5. Uncheck “Use HTTPS”
6. Click Next to continue

 Choose the Orchestrator Role

Select feature to be installed

7. Ensure “Distributed Execution Manager” is selected
8. Click Next

 Select Features to be Installed

Configure vCAC services

9. Enter the FQDN of the Manager Service
10. Enter the FQDN of the Model Manager Web Service (should be the same if installing everything on the same server)
11. Enter service credentials
12. Click Next

Configure vCAC Services

Configure DEM Service

13. Ensure “Register…” and “Start…” are checked
14. Enter the DEM service Username and Password
15. Click Next

Configure DEM Service

Ready to install

16. Click “Install” to begin installation

Ready to Install Worker DEM

Setup Complete

17. Click “Finish” to exit the setup wizard

Worker DEM Setup is Complete