Step 6: Create Approval Group & Policies

Create an Approval Group

An Approval Group is a set of users or groups that can approve a machine or service request as part of an approval policy. Both are attached to Blueprints, which will be covered later.

1. Navigate to “Enterprise Administrator” on the left
2. From “Approval Groups & Policies” select “New Approval Group”.
3. Provide a Name and Description to identify the group
4. Enter an email address or distribution list in “Approver email”
5. Enter one or more Domain Users or Groups to be added to the approvers list
6. Click OK 

 Create Approval Group

Create an Approval Policy

Approval Policies are defined to determine what approvals are required, if any, for the provisioning of machines and points to one or more Approval Groups to facilitate the request.

1. From “Approval Groups & Policies” select “New Approval Policy”
2. Provide a policy name and description to identify this policy
3. Add the pre-defined Approval Groups (previous step) from the left box by clicking the “Add” button
4. Check the box if Group Manager approval is required (the group manager is a member of a provisioning group that maintains blueprints for the group – this can be required as part of any/all approval requests)
5. Click OK

Note: You can define more than one Approval Group as part of an Approval Policy. Any one member of a group must respond to an approval request. If more than one group is defined, one member from each group (in order) must respond to the request.

 Create Approval Policy

Review the Approval Groups & Policies configuration

Review your configuration and add any additional Groups and Policies if needed. In a POC environment, you will be fine with just one of each.

 Review Approval Configurations