Step 10: Reservations (vSphere)

Create a vSphere Reservation

Reservations are defined set of resources to which machines will be provisioned. Reservations are created for each Cloud, Physical, and Virtual resource. vCAC 5.1 added support for vCloud Org vDC Reservations

1. From “Reservations”, select “New Reservation
2. From the drop-down menu, select “Virtual”

Note: Use “Virtual” to configure vSphere and vCloud reservations, as well as any other hypervisor-based reservation (Hyper-V, KVM, etc). The “Cloud” selection is used for Amazon EC2- based provisioning. “Physical” is used to configure all supported physical hardware provisioning (Dell, HP, UCS, etc)

 Create vSphere Reservation

Create vSphere Reservation

3. From the “Compute Resource” dropdown, select a set of Resources to be used. For vSphere reservations select the desired vSphere Cluster
4. The reservation Name will automatically be created, but you can change/edit it if needed
5. Select a Provisioning Group that will provision machines to the selected set of resources
6. Optional: apply a pre-defined Reservation Policy

Note: If you are using two different endpoint types (ie: vSphere and vCloud Director) you must use the reservation policy that is specific to each endpoint

7. Optional: set a machine quota or leave blank for unlimited
8. Set a resource Priority of “1” for this reservation
9. Ensure the reservation is Enabled
10. Select the “Resources” tab to continue configuration

 Reservation Information

Resources are defined as part of a Reservation to allocate a subset of compute resources to Provisioning Groups. Here we identify a set of Memory, Storage, and Network resources as part of this Reservation

11. Memory: configure memory (in GB) to be used in this Reservation
12. Storage: check one or more vSphere Datastores and set the storage capacity (in GB) for each
13. Network: check one or more vSphere Networks that will be accessible to provisioned machines
14. Resource pool: from the drop-down, select an available vSphere Resource Pool to place provisioned machines

 Reservation Resources

Alerts can be configured to notify a set of users when resource thresholds are reached.

15. Move each slider to the desired threshold for each item
16. Enter one or more email addresses that will receive the alerts
17. Determine whether or not the assigned provisioning group manager gets alerted
18. Set the desired alert frequency
19. Click OK to accept the Reservation

 Reservation Alerts