Step 11: Cost Profiles

Create a Cost Profile

Cost Profiles are setup to associate cost with compute resources for basic accounting and reporting purposes. Cost Profiles can be configured for different tiers of service at varying levels of granularity. Here we create a cost profile and associate it with a vSphere Cluster.

1. From “Cost Profiles”, select “New Cost Profile”
2. Enter a Name and Description to identity the profile
3. Add DAILY costs for Memory, Storage, and CPU resources
4. Click the green check to accept

Next Steps: Repeat this for each compute resource. These profiles will need to be associated with the compute resources in the next section (Note: the same profile can be used for multiple resources).

 Cost Profile

Cost Profile

Apply Cost Profile(s) to Compute Resources

Once a Cost Profile is configured, you’ll need to apply it to one or more compute resources. Here we apply the previously-created cost profile to a vSphere Cluster.

1. Select “Compute Resources” in the menu
2. Find the resource you want to apply the cost profile
3. Hover over the compute resource name and select “Edit”
4. From the “Configuration” tab, use the “Cost Profile” drop-down menu to select the profile created for this resource
5. Optional: apply storage reservation policies and cost profiles to available “Storage Paths” (i.e. datastores)
6. Click OK

 Cost Profile