Step 13: Build Profiles

Create a Build Profile

Build Profiles are a pre-defined set of properties that can be applied to a machine during the provisioning process and can include post-provisioning procedures, such as adding machine to a domain, running a custom script, or providing info unique to the machine (machine ID, serial, etc). We will configure a single Build Profile for configuring Sysprep using a built-in properties template.

1. From “Build Profiles”, select “New Build Profile”
2. Type a Name and Description that clearly identifies the profile
3. From the “add from property set” drop-down menu, select “SysprepProperties”
4. Click on Load 

 Create Build Profile

5. Step through the properties and customize as you see fit by clicking on the ‘pencil’ next to each property. You can also choose to encrypt the entries so they show up scrambled in this list. The following settings are specified here: DomainAdmin: LAB\vcsrvc DomainAdminPassword: [encrypted] JoinDomain: OrgName: EZLAB ProductKey: [encrypted]
6. Click OK when finished

Next Steps: Build Profiles are used by Blueprints. This one will be used by a Windows 2008 Blueprint to automatically sysprep and join the “LAB” domain (next section)

 Create Build Profile