Step 14: Blueprints (vCloud Director)

Create a vCloud Blueprint

1. In the “Blueprint Information” tab, enter a detailed Name and Description defining the blueprint
2. Optional: change the display icon
3. Check “Global Blueprint” to share this blueprint across provisioning groups
4. Select the Provisioning Groups that have access to the Blueprint
5. Select a Reservation Policy to lock provisioning down to a specified resource
6. Select an available Prefix
7. Select an Approval Policy
8. Set “Max # per user” quota 
 9. Set Archive days
10. Set a daily cost associated to append to total cost

 Blueprint Information
11. Go to the “Build Information” tab
12. Platform type: “vCloud”
13. Blueprint type: “Server”
14. Action: “Clone”
15. Provisioning workflow: “CloneWorkflow” (auto-selected)
16. Clone from: use the “…” box to browse available vCloud vApp templates and select the appropriate one
17. Enter a desired Lease time (vCloud blueprints currently do not allow customization of CPU, Mem, and Storage resources)
18. Click OK to commit this Blueprint

 Blueprint Build Information

Blueprint Build Information

Review Blueprint Configurations Repeat the previous steps for all other desired vSphere and vCloud Blueprints.   Review Blueprints

Next Steps: At this point you are ready to start provisioning machines into vSphere and vCloud resources. There are a few more things (customizations) that can be tweaked while we’re here…