How to SSH to Public DNS name of AWS instances in vCAC

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This example is assuming that vCAC is configured to provision Linux instances to an Amazon availability zone with a VPC configured with public and private subnets and that the Security groups is configured to allow SSH traffic. For information on connecting to a private address refer to the following blog post:

Note: Connecting to AWS instances via SSH may require modifications to your organizations firewall or you may need to use a proxy server. This lesson is assuming you have direct access to the internet and to Amazon Web Services via the Putty SSH console. This lesson uses Putty.exe and Puttygen.exe. You can download Putty and PuttyGen for free Get PUTTY Here!

You must first enable the “Connect Using SSH Feature” in vCAC, click the link below for instructions 

Click here for instruction to enable connect using SSH in vCAC from DailyHypervisor


Get SSH Certificate

Now let’s get your certificate which you will need to make the SSH connection.
Click the instance you want to connect to so it is highlighted 

Click export certificate in the actions menu
Save the .pem file to a location on your computer. Take note of where you saved this to.
Next you will need to use Puttygen.exe to convert the pem file to a Putty Key file.
Open Puttygen.exe and click Load

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