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vCAC Icon Pack

vCAC Icon Pack Preview 

vCAC comes with some out of the box icons for your system, but if truth be told, it's limited and doesn't include any icons that you would want to use. Scott Sauer over at www.virtualinsanity.com has built a package that includes a lot of really great, industry related icons that can be loaded into vCAC.

Download the updated vCAC Icon Pack here!

Import the updated VMware vCAC Icon Pack

1. Goto the “vCAC Administrator” incon on the left side of the menu as shown.  2. Select the menu option “Customization” within this menu category.

vCAC Icon Pack Installation 
3. Once you have selected the “Customization” menu option go to the upper right hand side of the screen.  
4. Select the “Icons” tab that is called out in the image above.  Extract the icon files from the zip file to a local folder on your machine.  
5. Select the browse button to import the icons that you find useful for your environment.
 vCAC Icon Pack Installation