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How to set up approval delegation

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There comes a point in every organization when the weather's just right and everyone decides to take off to enjoy being away from the desk. In these cases, you need delegates to take over the approvals so that the request process can keep working. 

This article will take you though how to turn on and configure the approval delegation functionality that comes with vCAC.

What it looks like before


Without any delegation ability

Turn on Support for Advanced Approvals

1. While logged into the vCAC portal as an administrator, navigate to vCAC Adminstrator > Customizations

Navigate to Customizations
2. In this screen, check the box that says "Enable advanced approval support" Enable Delegation

Configure the Approval Group

1. Navigate to Enterprise Administrator > Approval Groups & Policies
2. Click "New Approval Group"

Navigate to Approval Groups
Add a New Approval Group

3. Fill in all the information for the approval group like a name, description, the email or alias of all the approvers, and list the main approvers.

If you do not put each approver and delegate's email address into the "Approver Emails" field (comma separated), or add the delegate to an approver alias, the delegates won't get an email letting them know that there's an approval waiting for them. They will, however, see that they have an approval when they log into vCAC.

4. to assign delegates, click the "Add Delegate button", enter the username of an approver (they're name should be listed in the "Approver" field as well), and enter their delegates on the right

As there is no way to set schedules or start/end times of the delegation, the delegates would have to be added/removed when the approver starts/ends their time away. 

5. Click the green check button to save the delegates
6. Click the OK button to save all configurations 

Configure the Approval Group

Configure the Approval Policy

1. After saving the approval group, you should now be back in the "Approval Groups & Policies" screen
2. Click on the "New Approval Policy" button
3. Fill in the name and any descriptions
4. Choose your approval group that you just created from the list of all approval groups in the left side box and press "Add" to bring it over into the "Selected Approval Groups" area
5. Check "Group Manager Approval Required" if you would like the group manager to get an approval as well
6. Press OK to save the configuration

New VMware vCAC Approval Policy
Configure VMware vCAC Approval Policy

Associate the Policy with Blueprint

Now that the group and policy have been set, we have to associate the policy to a blueprint in order to use it.

1. Go into your blueprint view (either Enterprise Administrator > Global Blueprints OR Provisioning Group Manager > Blueprints)
2. Either edit an existing blueprint or create a new one
3. in the "Approval Policy" field, your new policy can be found in the drop down and associated to the blueprint

Associate vCAC Approval Policy with Blueprint